About the Joy of Social Adventure – Johann @ TEDx BSEL 2015

    The day after he agreed to join a friend on a fundraising trip cycling all the way to India, Johann woke up hoping that saying “yes” had only been a dream. However, it wasn’t and before long he found himself traveling 10,000 km from Berlin to India by bicycle in order to raise funds for a local sanitation project. Telling the story of his adventure, Johann unfolds what may happen if you have the guts to combine a social cause with a crazy idea.

    Johann Angermann is currently working with Guts for Change. This project has lead him to become a Documentary Filmmaker, a Video Journalist and eventually a Social Worker. When he was young, he always wanted to become an artist, a musician or an actor. He tried acting school but ended up studying communi­cation science. One was too sophisticated and the other one too theoretical. In Videography he finally found a way to express his creativity. He started with little Youtube videos. Then he got a job for TV. He worked as a presenter and created his own vid­eo content. After his graduation he joined a friend on a bicycle trip to India. By documenting that trip and raising awareness for a social cause they were able to get enough funds to success­fully implement a sanitation project in India and Johann made his first movie.

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