We, at Guts for Change believe the world needs transformation, people that make and drive positive change, ‘aware beings’ that care about others and the environment. Our mission is to give these change makers a support network, a launch pad, a voice.

    We promote, support and connect Social Entrepreneurs, Social Innovators and Change Makers. We are  a community of people that challenge the status quo, that is out there to do something different and that takes aware actions to create and drive the positive Change.

    OUR WORK: We like to walk the talk. We have partnered in campaigns with the Non-Water Sanitation Assosciation in India and EcoToiletten in Berlin, two organizations which work towards providing sustainable sanitation solutions. To help them source funds and generate awareness for these organizations, our teams have undertaken a bicycle trip and a hitch hiking trip from Germany to India in the years 2012 and 2014  to create awareness among people about the project. The adventure trips cum campaigns received lot of support from people across various countries and by mainstream German and Indian media.

    Now we want to take our work and our impact to the next level, by: 

    • Organizing events to connect change makers worldwide.
    • Promoting change makers and their projects.
    • Educating on social entrepreneurship and making available knowledge that helps social entrepreneurs and activists to take action in their own backyard through e-learning and in in person workshops.
    • Facilitating financing for impact startups by providing social entrepreneurs with crowdfunded scholarships and impact investments on a micro level.



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