Let’s get some fresh perspective this Sunday on Europe’s Refugee issue…


    One has to be living in a cave to not know about the issue of refugees in the European continent. Every day we learn how this matter is addressed in various ways by people in different countries of Europe. One country which has been leading in setting a good example in dealing with the issue is Germany. Google recently released data which showed how people from different countries of Europe are responding to the issue. Germans according to the data are willing to help the refugees and want to help find a solution. Apart from the assistance from the German government, the zeal and efforts of its people is making the difference.

    We, at Guts For Change are pleased to support a much needed platform called ‘Charitree’. This exciting project is based out of Berlin which works to provide a physical space for various refugee projects to showcase their work to people. With this platform they intend to provide better understanding and fresh perspective to the refugee issue. They are bringing the chatter and discussion out of the walls of the digital world. Charitree believes there is no good, bad or the ugly when it comes to the refugee crisis, we all need to find a middle ground to help solve the issue.

    Johann one of our Guts for Change members is part of the Charitree project. He is working on the project with three other inspiring people. They are Florian Venedey, Jule Schröder and Laura Kromminga. You can read more about them here. When I asked Johann about his motivation to start a project like Charitree, he said, ” With Charitree, we want to promote those who provide innovative and sustainable solutions to integrate the people. So far I can see two types of activists- one set of activists are who go to the refugee camps, bring clothes and food and help immediately, and the others are the social entrepreneurs who invent social business ideas around the topic but never really get in touch with the groundwork. Our idea is to bring the people who have the ideas to those who need help and then involve common people like you and me to support either one of the both sides 

    Charitree is organizing their first event this Sunday on 25th of October in Berlin where they are bringing organisations and projects which have been relentlessly working to improve the situation. These organisations have found innovative and sustainable ways to find the solution to the problem of refugees in Europe. If you happen to be in Berlin this Sunday you must try and visit this event. You can find more details of the event here. Just when I thought this event would be intense and serious, Johann corrected me and said, ” We are organizing an event that is playful and suitable for the old and the young – hipsters, youngsters, yuppies and families. This way at our event  we can all meet without prejudice and without pressure from any side.” Well Well…isn’t that an apt way of spending one’s Sunday!

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