Eco Capsule a self sustaining mini-Home;Is this the next big innovation that pushes us forward?

    2916A06300000578-3097880-image-m-5_1432657659059Every once in a while, comes a product that challenges our limitations and opens up our imagination. I reckon this sleek and egg shaped tiny home called the Eco capsule is one such product. Bratislava based Nice Architects have introduced this compact and boat like Eco capsule. This low energy house is packed into a compact form. Eco capsule is a great combination of efficient shape, compact quality and amazing off-grid capabilities that offers one a luxury of bed, running water and a kitchenette to prepare warm meal. We spoke to Igor Zacek who is one of the core members of this relatively small team of designers.


    Igor mentioned that this beautiful product is ideal not just for travelers to camp in any extreme corner of the world and wake up to a perfect view but it can also prove as an aid to emergency workers who have to work in extreme and inhospitable environments. Like Igor said if a place has suffered from a natural calamity, an aid agency can send their team to the place with an Eco capsule where they can start the spade work and need not worry about looking for hospitable places to stay in an inhospitable environment. We were told that the home which looks like something out of science fiction movie is equipped with solar panels, a wind turbine which is retractable and can also harvest rainwater.



    In our chat, Igor mentioned that they took up the challenge of designing this home in a design competition in the year 2009.After that Igor and other members of Nice architects kept evolving the concept of Eco capsule as they enjoyed the process of challenging their limitations. The capsule also has a composting toilet which helps in saving the energy. Igor also stated that in coming years when better quality solar cells would be available, the Eco capsule‘s performance will increase tremendously. This home also has a thick layer of good quality thermal insulation and energy recovery which is a great way of reducing thermal losses.


    When we asked Igor, how they plan to transport Eco capsule, he said that this 3306lb pods can be moved across continents in a container on a ship ,can even be towed on a trailer or can be air lifted. Igor told us how their project which he worked on with his brother Tomas Zacek and others who are his close friends was not something they marketed and campaigned for but the concept of the Eco Capsule just went viral. They get queries about their product from not only organizations but also from lot of individuals.

    005-Tomas Manina Juraj Fifik  <—Eco-Capsule Team

    “I learned that size matters in my journey of developing Eco Capsule. One needs to depend on what one has and should be prepared to dig deeper to reach his goal” Igor said. “We need to learn from our environment and appreciate our resources.” He mentioned when asked what his learning from working on this project was.

    Eco Capsule described as a ‘Swiss-army Knife’ that packs everything that one needs to dwell outside for longer periods without any external resources is going to be available by early next year. The pre order for this product begins by end of year 2015. When I had asked Igor how much an Eco capsule will cost, he smiled and said that we are working to keep the costs low and the price can vary according to the transportation. We wish Igor and other members at Nice architects achieve their goal of making Eco capsule a regular sustainable dwelling place for humans and turn a new page towards sustainable living in accordance to our environment.


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