How to make your donations really help the Nepal Earthquake victims?


    A Nepali woman holds her baby in front of the wreckage of a house that was completely destroyed in Saturday's earthquake in Gorkha, Nepal, April 30, 2015. REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay
    A Nepali woman holds her baby in front of the wreckage of a house that was completely destroyed in Saturday’s earthquake in Gorkha, Nepal, April 30, 2015. REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay

    When we look at the news feed every day, we see heart breaking pictures of devastation and apathy in Nepal.We want to reach out to those suffering and donate.Once we donate we hope that our money makes a difference to the victims.This is where we want you to be aware and wise when you donate your money. This catastrophe which has millions of Nepalese reeling in the aftermath has also given a space for number of organisations that claim they can offer quick aid. While there is a need for a good number of organisations to reach out to the victims of the earthquake but one must also be aware of the organisations who might not be able to offer relief to the victims. One of the recent example of such an unfortunate situation is of  the Earthquake in Haiti where lot of organisations scrambled for help but many failed.Hence, it is important that you should have a checklist of some important factors before you decide which organisation you would like to donate for the relief work in Nepal. Here, we have listed out few factors which you might want to add to your check list before you donate:

    1. Research the work of the organisation and its local presence in Nepal

    2.  Be aware of Spammers and organisations who might not be able to spend the donated money appropriately

    3. With the help of  internet especially social media you might be able to track the utilization of the money you donated

    4.  An organisation which matches with same amount that you donated is always recommended

    Here we are listing out our recommendation of some of the best organisations who are working actively where you can donate for the victims of earthquake in Nepal:

    1. Nepal Red Cross Society : Nepal Red Cross Society has done commendable work in Nepal especially for flood victims in the year 2007. The website of the organisation suffers sometimes because of poor internet connectivity so you can also donate to American Red Cross Society and here is the link for donation for the earthquake on their website.

    2. Shikshya Foundation Nepal : This organisation has been doing some path breaking work in Nepal in the field of education.They have initiated a very prompt campaign to reach out to the desperate needs of the victims.

    3. MADRE : This organisation is striving to provide relief especially to women and children. They have been putting tremendous efforts to make the donation reach to rural areas of Nepal where aid usually reaches slow.

    4. Abari : Abari is a renowned Nepalese research and design firm which makes environmentally sustainable products.It is working  hard on the ground to provide bamboo shelters and other kinds of tents for homeless victims of the earthquake.

    Let’s loosen our purse strings for the warmest people of one of the most beautiful places in the world and make our donation generate a positive change..


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