Not Brachiosaurus………..but we can still bump into an African Elephant!

    I remember I was sitting next to my dad in a movie theater gawking at Parasaurolophus, Triceratops, Gallimimus and Brachiosaurus from the epic movie Jurassic Park. After the movie, we marveled at the movie and wondered how we were transported in a world which once existed on the same planet we inhibit.

    “I bet us, Humans wouldn’t have been able to exist with dinosaurs.” I tell my dad.

    “Who knows? I guess we would have found ways to co-exist.” responds my dad.

    I like to believe in the above statement made by my dad. But then, when I learn about how we humans are one of the big reasons to many of the current detrimental challenges that our environment is facing, I wonder if we really understand the word ‘co-exist’. I understand that our species has a long sundry list of requirements. But then these requirements also make us pose some questions whose answers we need to find urgently:

    1. Do we really to need to pursue deforestation to make urban concrete space for us to live comfortably?
    2. Do we really need to believe these multinational ‘Vandals’ who say that we have to mine and dig up almost every part of this planet?
    3. Do we really need to have huge graveyards for disposing our plastic and chemical waste?
    4. Do we have to mostly learn about wild life in a zoo?
    5. Do we really need to speed up the ocean’s acidification and threaten the existence of Coral reefs?
    6. Do we really need to consume Whale meat rather than have them swimming in the waters of the Ocean?
    7. Do we really need to cool ourselves artificially in air conditioners and increase Global warming levels?
    8. Do we really need to fight for depleting oil reserves rather than find some sustainable non expensive alternative resources?

    Well, the list of ‘do we really need……” questions are quiet long. I reckon it is as long as the list of requirements we keep making to fulfill our needs and comforts. However I guess, I don’t need to highlight the fact that we can tweak our requirements and work to get environmentally sustainable solutions for our needs.

    The good news is lots of people have become aware of the crisis our environment is facing and are gearing up to raise their voice. As these voices are growing stronger, so is my forecast for my future that I would be able to take my daughter to marvel at a beautiful African Elephant and to be able to see the treasures of  aquatic life in a coral reef. I guess by then we will be able to find ways to co-exist.


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