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    ThomasThomas anchors most of our work at Guts For Change. This young entrepreneur has a vast experience of successfully running campaigns to foster positive change in social sector. Thomas is consultant to various young organizations. Thomas is passionate about writing and speaking to those who want to work in the social sector and want to acquire the recommended skills. He combines his love for adventure travel with social campaigns. Don’t be surprised if you run into Thomas bicycling his way to some place to raise awareness about a social project. You can write to Thomas here

    JohannJohann is our media and marketing chief. His brilliant film making skills have helped us raise awareness about the causes we support. Johann’s documentaries on the bicycling and hitch hiking trip have helped raise the requisite funds for the organizations we partner with. He would be advising those of you who are looking to kick start their media campaign. When Johann is not behind his lenses trying to capture some definitive story, you might find him packing his backpack to travel across the world to find the next story he wants to bring to the world.You can tweet to Johann here.

    picKalyani is a writer who will use her critically acclaimed skills to highlight the stories and ideas, which we at Guts For Change will try and bring to your notice. She is a published author who likes to write contemporary stories of human and social interest. Kalyani would bring you exclusive interviews of people who are bringing path breaking changes in the social sector. Kalyani is a non- conformist so you might come across various stories and ideas on our platform which have been highlighted differently and that questions our assumptions and perspectives. Here you can write to her.

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