Voices of Darewadi

    Interviewees Darewadi

    When we visited Darewadi in February 2014 we brought along our camera gear and seized the opportunity to ask some of the beneficiaries of our project about their experiences after one and a half years of using their UDDT. These were the first families of Darewadi to opt for the dry seperation toilets, so they had the chance to use their own manure and liquid fertilizer on their own fields. It was very important for us to ask these people, who have become so important to us, personally and get authentic and honest responses. Unfortunately we are always dependent on somebody to translate for us from English into Marathi and back. Therefore we could never be entirely sure about what had been answered. Especially with the women we felt it very diffifult to communicate because they would only talk to us in the present of (their) men.

    Thanks to our “Task Force India”, a group of film students from SeamEdu College in Pune, we got the exact transcripts and finally even the dubbings for these interviews!In the following you will see the results :

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