We need to change the definition of ‘Social Worker’!

    I reckon in today’s times when by just one click, we can update ourselves of what’s happening in the other part of the world, it’s not surprising to know that most of us have opinions on almost every misery that our world is going through. We learn about the miseries of natural calamities, war, terrorism, poverty, heart wrenching human tragedies almost every day. I would be wrong if I say that these stories of pain and loss that happen in different corners of the world and some in our neighborhood doesn’t affect us. We talk about them for hours or shake our heads with disapproval for few seconds or enroll ourselves as volunteer for the cause. The point I am trying to highlight here is that We do care. I think it’s wrong to say that there is only a certain percentage of people in the world who care and want to do something about it. We Humans accuse ourselves of being mundane and indifferent.

    We, at Guts for Change strongly believe that despite the long list of shortcomings the human race faces, we also are very compassionate. If given an opportunity or a platform, we would stand up to be counted for a fellow human who is in distress. Not all of us need to pack our bags and travel across oceans to help someone in need; we can also help and voice our opinion from our homes. All that matters is that our concern and care turns into an action or a movement towards betterment. Hence with this thought in our mind, we at Guts for Change aspire to work towards providing a broad platform for people from all walks of life. We hope to create an online platform where all of us can come together to contribute towards various causes that concerns all of us today. As I think the qualities of a ‘social worker’ is inherently grained in all of us. So one doesn’t just need to get a University certificate or let’s say work at a refugee camp to be called a Social Worker. Today with the help of technology’s connectivity, we all can make our concerned voices heard. So I guess I would be right to wonder if we need to change the definition of social worker.

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