What’s the Hullabaloo about Water Conservation when it can be recycled?

    You have to live in a cave to not know about the concept of ‘Water Conservation’.We all keep hearing about the importance of water conservation especially the water we consume daily. Now,few of you might be  questioning the topic of my post saying,” I am a not going down my street and hosing down all my water supply on the concrete!”I have heard some folks say that they use their share of water supply to their house as wisely as they can but don’t really want to introspect if they can be wiser.I mean they are adamant that they can’t look for alternatives when the alternatives are mere small steps.

    Most of us do understand the issue of saving our water resources.But people also think the water they use can always be recycled so it’s not that detrimental an issue. Here, I would like to interject with my train of thought that Conservation of Water is not just about  saving water but also saving the huge amount of energy that goes in processing and treating the water for human consumption.A lot of energy is used by water treating facilities across cities to process premium quality water for us. When the water that runs down the drain and gets to water treating facility a lot of chemicals is used to treat it. I guess we can save lot of energy and use of chemicals by following simple measures of consuming our share of water wisely.

    Here is our recommendation of  conserving water that you consume daily:

    1. Fix that leaking tap or Faucet today.Tomorrow is too late!

    2. Try and take bucket shower…it can be fun!

    3. Reuse the water which you used for boiling vegetables or soaking beans.

    4.  Draw the engineer in you and try to build your very own ‘rain water collector’ to water your plants or wash your bike.Well of course,you can always buy a rain water collector from the market!

    5. This point I find very creative which I learned from this site where they said one can water their lawn while they wash their car!so, just wash your car with eco-friendly car wash on your lawn and water the grass on your lawn!


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