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1Starting in April 2012 we will embark on an odyssey. A bike tour from Berlin to India for a good cause. 10.000 kilometers on our bikes give plenty of space to promote the realization of a sustainable dry toilet project in India. Also we want to raise attention about the global issue of billions of people not having access to the simplest sanitary infrastructure and clean drinking water.


2We are not professional adventurers. Maushami is an attorney, Johann studies Media and Communication, Thomas is an entrepreneur and Erik studies cultural sciences. We are normal young people who spontaneously decided to go on an unconvential tour to make the world a better place.


3With the tour, we will try to raise donations for a sustainable toilet project in India. The donations will be used to finance sanitation infrastructure and to prevent the pollution of the groundwater. More details can be found under Project and our Blog.


4We believe that everybody can be a change-maker and that normal people like you and I have the opportunity to make this world a better place – in small or large ways . If you share this belief, we would appreciate your support!

Support us

We need people like you who want to make the world a better place. Help us to challenge the status quo! Donate for the toilet project on or give our Guts for Change Facebook page a “Like” and share this project with your friends.

I donate to the toilet project. It doesn’t hurt and dry toilets are a a meaningful thing”!

Our project partner

The GTO has the mission to protect the environment and improve public health by raising awareness of and providing people with clean and sustainable toilet and wastewater treatment systems. The GTO collects the donations for the toilet project in India. After the project is financed, the GTO hands 100% of the donations to the local partner in India, the ECOSAN SERVICES FOUNDATION, for the implementation of the project in India.

Our partner in India is the Ecosan Services Foundation in Pune. The ESF has already implemented several field projects and has the expertise which is necessary to realize the project in India. When we arrived with our bikes, we were ready to work with the ESF to make the dry toilet project come true.

The Non-Water Sanitation e.V. has the goal to help people without any adequate basic sanitation to gain access to sustainable sanitary infrastructure, especially dry toilet systems. This is going to be achieved with the collaboration of academic institutions and the support of the construction of the dry toilet project in India.

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